LFF Film Review: The Queen of Fear (2018)


The star in this story, Valeria Bertuccelli, who served as the director, writer, and the main protagonist, plays a famous theatre actress while living with her anxiety and taking a balance between life and the career.

The first scene that the main character is awakened by the almost soundless alarm due to the power failure and afraid that someone has broken into the house perfectly indicates her anxious overreaction. Through the movie, we see her juggling with the premiere of her one-woman play, a good friend being sick and many other trivial errands. It consists of drama and sometimes comedy. There are plenty of dialogues which make the audience chuckle. However, towards the very end of the film, there is one question—what is her play going to be like since we barely see any of the rehearsal? Well, they use about ten seconds to present that her show is breathtaking and the crowd is thrilled. Even though we can see that she is fierce and powerful on the stage from a few fast editing, it is hard to believe such success comes so easily, especially all the information we receive is how disorganized her life is and how she would rather be sidetracked by chores than braving her big premiere. Not to even mention the ending, you can only use speechless to describe—nothing is solved, nothing is achieved. What does “the queen of fear” choose to live? Embrace it or run away?



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