The 7th Evolution! Mallorca International Film Festival (EMIFF)

The 7th Annual Evolution! Mallorca International Film Festival (EMIFF), located in the heart of Palma on this far away island, presents an intimate and unexplored experience of 100 projects from 23 countries including feature films, documentaries, short films, experimental films, music videos, films for kids and a virtual reality lounge, from 25th — 31st of... Continue Reading →


LFF Film Review: Colette (2018)

- The feminist film this world needs Director, Wash Westmoreland (Still Alice), co-wrote with Rebecca Lenkiewicz and his spouse, Richard Glatzer (Still Alice), and cooperated with Killer Films’ producer, Christine Vachon, once more. Based on the true story about the French novelist, Colette, it begins from the marriage with Willy in 1893 into the early... Continue Reading →

LFF Film Review: Girl (2018)

 - Victor Polster gives the most heartbreakingly genuine emotion in search of one’s self. From the first ten minutes, as an audience, I believe that we all assumed they are a happy couple with a little boy. Until we see her at the doctor taking the examinations, the reality comes out shockingly. Such an irony,... Continue Reading →

LFF Film Review: The Queen of Fear (2018)

The star in this story, Valeria Bertuccelli, who served as the director, writer, and the main protagonist, plays a famous theatre actress while living with her anxiety and taking a balance between life and the career. The first scene that the main character is awakened by the almost soundless alarm due to the power failure... Continue Reading →

LFF Film Review: Wildlife (2018)

 - A love letter to the parents Paul Dano’s directorial debut, written with his long-term partner, Zoe Kazan, gives the audience the world in the teenage boy’s eyes in the late 1950s. Set in Montana, close to the Canadian border, Jerry (Jake Gyllenhaal), Jeanette (Carey Mulligan) and their son, Joe (Ed Oxenbould), move to this... Continue Reading →

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